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Welcome to the new web home of The Independents. The Independents is a heavy role-playing super team for the game Champions Online. This site is a work in progress so please be patient.
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Keio's Birthday!

Keioseth, Oct 22, 09 12:31 PM.
Yeah it's my birthday today, woot!

Keio = 22


Keioseth, Sep 28, 09 4:35 AM.

Back in the heyday of the Independents their gadgeteer developed and advanced computer system to keep track of his various inventions.  Eventually he showed his creation to his to the members of the group and Mind Blast [Synapse] made the suggestion to use the same program to keep track of vital information of the enemies they encounter.  This computer system eventually came to run even the Tower itself, running anything the Indy’s wanted it to run.

And thus, the Independents System Control Resource of Intellectual Properties and Bad Guy Encounter Intelligence, or INSCRIBE for short.

Years later, when the Tower became operational again and the New Members of the reunited Independents moved in, Ocelot, now going by Aeonscythe, along with Lithium reactivated and updated INSCRIBE.  The update included giving INSCRIBE an Artificial Intelligence which Lithium called SCRY [referring to the act of scrying].

Independents Are Live Online

Keioseth, Sep 3, 09 2:50 AM.
Thanks to the help of several fellow RPers and Aeon, the Independents are alive in game.

Message either myself or Aeon for invites.

Also in-game the SG channel will be for OOC discussions and "The Independents RP" channel will be for IC chat.

My Fellow Independents

Keioseth, Jul 28, 09 3:12 AM.
Just wanted to give a big howdy do to everyone and thank Synapse for passing the reigns over to me I hope I do you proud.

Now onto the whole reason behind me posting this.

Give a hardy welcome to some of our newest Members!

Drag Harlen AKA Delirium Trigger
Chemkarate AKA Mystic Soul
Wakuzel AKA Lucid

Hope to see you in one of our RP's.

That is all -In his best Jean-Luc Picard Impression-

State of the Team Address

Synapse "Tuck", May 8, 09 11:06 AM.
Hello to all.  Well things are moving right along and we are adding members all the time. Over on the Champions main site we have an awesome RP going on and more on the way. As far as things over here on the main site they are moving along as well. The rules, code of conduct, general info on our various teams (Leadership, RP, etc) is about to go up, as well as more clear info on recruitment, etc. If you are new to our site then welcome and come check out the sites. For all the rest of you...why are the windows all smudgy?  *Cracks the whip*. Heheh.  I want to use this news item to welcome a few more people to the team.

Core Members -
MarythaKlingon aka Deadlock Duchess (from Reserve to Core also...lucky for us! )
Kerjak aka Glacius (he's been around a little, but just went to the core side.)
ericclouder aka Spell Slinger

There are a couple others who are not members (yet) Devil Squid and Leachim who are adding a lot to our RP also. So welcome to all. We look forward to a long and fun time of RP with you all!

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